Design and installation Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Design and installation of a Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System

With cooking in the kitchen is an area prone to fire or fire. And in the event that it happens, there will be a rather high danger. and difficult to cope inflicting huge damage The reason is because the fire will spread to the kitchen hood (Hood) and will spread throughout the exhaust air duct. and cause the fire to spread to other places or areas quickly

Extra Big Sales takes this part into consideration. therefore provide system design and installation services to prevent incidents that will occur by a professional team with the most effective system for extinguishing fires in the kitchen The stove and the hood (Hood), which we can design to use effectively suitable for the size of the kitchen. which can be designed to extinguish the fire quickly before it spreads

Extra Big Sales has a team of professionals with high experience in system design and installation with service. and consulting from the start and install fire extinguishers to suit the type and the size of the kitchen according to international standards for safety, which consists of standards

UL 300 : Fire Extinguishing Systems for Protection of Restaurant Cooking Areas. ( Fire suppression system to protect the cooking area in the restaurant )

NFPA 17A : Standard for Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems

NFPA 96 : Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations. (Standards for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking)

And Listed, NYC COA

Extra Big Sales is committed to the quality of work. From design to installation at every step so that customers can be confident in quality service meet international standards and the requirements of the law In addition, after-sales service is ready to take care of customers. If there is a problem after installation or replacement of various parts

Product & Service Fire Suppression System
สินค้าและแบริการ ระบบดับเพลิง
– Restaurant Fire Suppression System (Wet chemical)
– Fire Alarm Control Panel (FCP.)
– FM-200,Co2
– Door Access Control
– Fire pump
– Smoke Detector
– Heat Detector
– Gas Detector System
– Alarm Bell
– Flow Switch
– Supervisory Switch
– Emergency Light