Design and installation of a UV Kitchen Exhaust Hood

hood UV system It has the main function of removing stains and breaking down fat molecules as well. Helps prevent fat accumulation effectively Thus reducing the burden of maintenance of the fume hood. and reduce the risk of fire in the kitchen It also eliminates bad odors in the air. and make the air released from the smokestack not pollute the environment

UV Kitchen Exhaust Hood

UV in kitchen exhaust systems has many benefits by preventing bacteria and grease build-up in kitchen range hoods. This self-cleaning technology helps keep commercial kitchens cleaner, healthier and safer by removing odors and reducing the risk of fat burns.

UV lamps emits UVC wavelengths have long been used in HVAC systems to eliminate bacteria and mold in ducts. This UVC technology provides the same benefits and also prevents grease build-up in commercial kitchen ventilation (CKV) systems.

UV Kitchen Exhaust Hood

How does the UV kitchen exhaust system work?
Exhaust system or hood In the kitchen, it is mainly responsible for the separation of fats through mechanical filters and inert methods. The kitchen hood can successfully remove fat particles. The remaining smaller grease particles and vapors are exposed to UVC light to break down the molecules. This process effectively prevents the accumulation of fat. This reduces maintenance, cleaning and fire hazards.

UVC lamps in kitchen exhaust systems UV breaks down fat particles in commercial kitchen exhaust systems through two different processes: photolysis and ozonolysis. Photolysis is a chemical reaction that occurs when chemical compounds break down. with photons Photolysis breaks down molecular bonds and lipid particles. And ozone will act to oxidize the fat molecules.

ระบบไอเสีย (Hood) สำหรับห้องครัว UV ทำงานอย่างไร

Installing a UV lamp in the kitchen exhaust system
disinfection lamp UVC can be installed inside the hood vent. by using stainless steel fittings on the top or back of the pipe UV lamps should be installed in the kitchen exhaust system at a distance. To have enough distance for effective photolysis.

Benefits of UV lamps in kitchen hood exhaust systems
Reducing grease build-up reduces the maintenance and cleaning required for kitchen hood exhaust. It also reduces the likelihood of fat burning in the kitchen exhaust system. Ozone is known to get rid of bad odors in the air, so ozonolysis helps to get rid of the odor that comes with the fat in the body. This can happen quickly in a busy commercial kitchen.

UV Kitchen Exhaust Hood

UV lamps UV sterilization of kitchen exhaust systems offer restaurant owners a number of benefits, including:
■ Significantly reduce fat accumulation in kitchen exhaust pipes.
■ Remove the accumulated dirt.
■ Reduce the risk of fire in the kitchen exhaust system.
■ Save money on cleaning and maintenance costs.

Extra Big Sales has designed the UV system in the fume hood for the above benefits to work at maximum efficiency.